Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sixth Sense

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I moved to get away from the drugs I couldn't stop doing, and in the beginning it worked. When my career as an addict started, I was in a small town, and in small town, the drug user community is small and extremely tight. It wasn't till I had moved and innocently went to an art show in downtown Los Angeles (coincidentally next to Skid Row) did i learn how the open air drug market, common in most urban/metropolitan environments, worked. And it was at that event where I learned just why cities like LA and San Francisco are such major drug hubs, and it was then when I reassumed the role I had moved to LA to escape. Years later, I, like most drug addicts had picked up that unique "sixth sense" common with most addicts: The unique sense to "sniff out" dope wherever I am. Several weeks ago, this was a sense I treasured, but now it feels more like a curse.
Being out of town and immersed in the Art Basel art fair has been a great opportunity for me to take my mind off my addiction and absorb all the amazing stuff around me. Unfortunately, the event is also being held in Miami, and any dope fiend worth his weight can tell you that Miami is exactly where some of america's best dope makes it's start on its way across the country.
Fortunately I've got one major defense lined up to help me, and that is that there isn't a dealer dumb enough to cop to me cause I look the way I do. (Note: Most people probably wouldn't look at me and think me a drug addict due to my race and general appearance.)
The only trouble is that that doesn't mean I can't spot them a mile away myself. The good thing about in Basel is that being here, I'm constantly reminded why I'm here and exactly what i can potentially achieve if I stay on the straight and narrow.
I'm truly glad i've got something to live for, cause if I didn't I don't think I'd have any reason for me to stop in the first place.
That's all for now.

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