Sunday, December 12, 2010


Now that I've taken on the task of making myself regular, one thing I want to do is make this mission as pleasant as possible. The way I'm pursuing this is through the consumption of high fiber foods. Like I said, I've been drinking Metamucil like a astronaut drinks Tang. On top of that, I'm also munching down on prunes.
And I must admit, every time I say it, or type it, I shudder at the idea. But really, prunes (shudder) aren't that bad. However, there are a couple brands out there, and being the American I am, I've grown to believe that the more I spend, the better the quality. So, here are two of the more expensive brands I can find in my local Ralph's supermarket. In the near future, I hope to share on the Junk blog, a thorough and objective "prune (shudder) review".
My first two brands are Sunsweet, and Mariani. More in the near future.

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