Sunday, January 9, 2011


This upcoming Monday I'll be lowering my dose from 65mg to 62mg. Three milligrams... I originally thought I could (or rather, should) take things down 5mg at a time, but a friend of mine suggested that I take it down 3. I guess it makes sense. The one thing i don't want to do is drop thing too quickly so that my body feels the difference. All that might do is possibly encourage a relapse, which of course is bad thing.
Before I signed on to the Methadone program, I always heard of nightmare scenarios concerning the way people reacted to coming off methadone. It always seems like everyone I know who have tried to stop inevitably suffered like no other. But that's the deal with pharmaceuticals. Opiodes have been synthesized to extend their half lives to twice as long, so it lasts longer. The tragedy is that it takes twice as long to kick.
I must admit, part of me feels weird about using methadone. I kind o feel like. I'm still using, which I am. But the way I also see it, considering how long I've been using, going old turkey would pretty much be a recipe for disaster. I simply can not just stop using. My moods swings are bad enough while using methadone. Without it, my emotions would eat me alive. Taking the methadone has definitely helped me stay in control of my mind and body, giving me the control to slowly take myself down.
Anyways, that's all for now.

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